Justin Brock didn't start out in the industry focused on agent training courses. He started out right in the middle of the grind chasing down leads as a highway warrior, but the attitude he took to that approach was that it was a necessary evil and a means to an end.

Quickly he started researching scaling approaches and found that the internet was the great equalizer. If you could just figure out how to harness the power of the World Wide Web, you could have just as much power as the "powers that be".

So, contrary to advice, popular opinion, and the status quo, he set out on a mission to get prospects that wanted to be quoted, educated and enrolled! After about two years of courses, events, trial and error and a bottomless pit of money being spent, the code was cracked.

The things that others understand can sometimes be the only barrier between you and your goals. That's why Justin decided to create content that taught other people in the industry to approach things the right way from the start.

These courses were the first big success and has helped hundreds of agents already streamline their prospecting.


Available Agent Training Courses

  • FB Ads Mini-Course
  • $17
    per course
  • Access to FB Ads Mini-Course Video
  • A Facebook Trick nobody is using
  • Justin's Facebook Growth Tool Strategy
  • Facebook Ads Blizkrieg Course
  • $97
    per course
  • Access to 99min FB Blitzkrieg Video
  • Access to all of Justin's Private YouTube videos
  • Access to Swipe File
  • Over the shoulder look at Justin's FB Ads
  • Rebuttal Blitz Replay w/ Medicare Bob
  • $97
    per course
  • Industry leader Robert Bache
  • Telesales rebuttal training
  • Learn how to keep your client
  • on the phone and make the sale!

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