The Medicare Guru & Medicare Bob


Justin Brock and Robert Bache are teaming up to offer you the live rebuttal training of a lifetime! This isn't going to be a training going over known rebuttals pulled from a PDF list.

These techniques can be used in any sales environment, but in phone sales where the prospect can easily just hang up on you, rebuttals have to be looked at more intensively.

In this training, we are going to teach you how to keep someone on the phone and lead them across the finish line! Interestingly, the same conversation can be used to create a less abrasive and more results oriented in person consultation as well!

37,000 Medicare Clients between the two of us can't be wrong!

Rebuttal Training

With over 37,000 Medicare Clients under our belts, we have seen it all! Medicare Bob dials in to how to control the conversation.

Product Streamlining

Don't Confuse Yourself - We show you the product offerings tested over a decade of sales at scale that should be offered to maximize Efficiency

Phone Sales

This is practical PHONE SALES Training, but all rebuttals can WORK extremely well in person too!

Become a Phone Sales Monster

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Almost 100k Facebook Followers

Medicare Bob has almost 100K Followers on Facebook (99% are senior citizens who follow him because of his Medicare Advice)

We have both heard every excuse from a client and an agent under the sun. The truth is most leads are prospects and most agents possess the same ability to turn that prospect into a client. This Webinar unlike anything we have ever put out will show you how to get over the REBUTTALS and find that the grass IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE!

Leads Don't Matter if You Can't Close

Lots of people think we know a ton about leads. Truth be told, we have figured out how to cultivate leads at scale and cut the lead vendors out, but I have already showed you all how to do that. What seems to be missing is your ability to close them over the phone or get in front of the prospects in a way you're comfortable with!

Think Outside The Box

I'm sure many of you THINK you know how to close. Honestly, before we decided to throw this course together I was talking to Medicare Bob about the phone strategy he teaches his internal agents, and I was blown away. I immediately implemented those tactics in my own internal training! Now it's available to YOU!


I'm ecstatic for some of you to get access to some of the most undervalued Sales TRAINING not the planet. One of these days you'll look back and be like, "How the hell did I get Medicare Bob and Justin Brock to training me for the money I found in my couch?"